Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One Reason Why I'm Worried

I've been feeling better of late.
Alec is always around. Well, not always...

But often. When I fake smile he gives me a look like " Be happy or I'll make you happy"

That in and of its self normally makes me smile. I can imagine he doing something crazy in the middle of Countries of The World, just to make me smile.

I don't cry as much as I did. In fact, I hardly cried then...it was just easier for me to snap.

Its good to know that there is someone else who knows. Someone who has my back.

I'm worried about my parents. They don't normally go on missions. They are more or less retired. Mom mostly works at Langley in a desk job and Dad teaches wilderness survival to CIA Operatives. (The adult kind. Not the training since childhood kind)

They haven't been on a mission that was this long in a long long time.

And that's one of the reasons why I'm so stressed.

I am also questioning myself. Do I REALLY have what it takes to be an operative? Will I crack under the pressure when the time comes?

I have to go to class now...


Monday, January 30, 2017

How Am I?

Fine. Totally fine.

But to be honest, I am feeling so confused.

Part of me is mad at him for seeing me so weak.

Part of me is mad at myself for being so weak in front of him

Part of me is thankful for his support, for his time, for caring

But united, they make very confused me, who spends a lot of time wondering if all boys are this confusing and complicated.

He always seems to be around. Not like he is being a creepy stalker person, just...oh I don't know what.
It is nice to have someone who has my back.
But I'm so disoriented.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let It Go

I was in the library in my favorite window seat with a fuzzy blanket.

You'd think I'd be happy.

I'm not

But I'm pretty good at hiding it.

Everyone was gone. The Mansion empty.

Everyone was given a free pass to town, and the students were out in force. The girls hadn't been out in weeks. All the boy-girl couples were out doing stuff.

I could afford to cry.

But as soon as I started, Alec came around the corner with two cups of tea.

He handed one to me.

"What's wrong?"
I didn't answer so he said  "Come on. Either tell me what's wrong, or stop moping."

I faked smiled.

"Nope" He said and he grabbed my free hand and pulled me up. "No fake smiling"

"How can you tell?" I asked as he pulled me across the room. If he told me I could change that...

He smirked. "Not telling" He led me to the couch and told me to sit down. So I did.

"We're watching a movie" He told me. "What do you want to watch?"

"Frozen." I said, wanting him to argue. To get bored as soon as it started and leave. Instead he said "I've never seen it. Should be interesting." and sat down next to me.

So we watched Frozen. It was really funny to watch his face. Seriously, I don't need to watch the movie. I've seen it a million time.

How he smiled when Anna and Elsa were playing.
How sad he looked when Elsa hurt Anna. When Anna was by herself.
How he looked at me in concern when Elsa was trapped in her room, alone,
How he laughed at Olaf
How he wanted to kill Hans....

Yes. In fact he muttered some not very nice things under his breath. Grandma Beatrice would have washed his mouth out with soap.

A lot of soap.

But Grandma didn't know Portuguese, so....

It made me smile. For real. I laughed and he turned an gave me that half smile (Do guys know how sexy that is? Well, it looked even better on him) and said "Mission Accomplished"

We ended up watching a lot of Disney movies: Tangled, Brave, Atlantis, Mulan....


Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm Not OK (Again) (Still)

If you want to run in the morning before class, you have to get up pretty early. If you want to run, take a 3 minute shower and eat...well you have to get up that much earlier. Since I prefer not to stink all day (also I love my food) I get up pretty early.
During the spring and fall I run outside, but it is WAY to dark out to go run, so I run on the treadmills in the P&E Barn. Not a lot of other people run, so normally I am alone.
It's kind of funny. I have never seen a 8th grader or Freshman. It's mostly Juniors and Seniors. I have only seen  two Sophomores who show up everyday: Alec and Will. He is the one that got stabbed with a pencil. Surprisingly, he was a really good sport about the whole video thing. He jokes about it making him famous and if they were allowed to  post it to Youtube he would be a internet celebrity! In fact he joke about a lot of things. 

Anyway, I got up extra early to go run, in hopes that  I could have the barn to myself. Even though it's Saturday, and we don't have class, I still wanted to work. force of habit and all. Also Alice is putting on a Movie Marathon and if I'm going to sit on my butt all day I should go the extra mile. 

I didn't get the whole barn to myself in case your wondering. There was a random senior. We both joked about our hopes of quiet being crushed and then silently got to work. Every once and awhile we would jokingly call out and ask if the other was finished. Can I have the barn to myself now? 

 I saw Alec was coming. Ok, I'm sorry, but it's so awkward around him. 

While I'm pretty good at hiding my feelings, but he's seen me at my worst. I'd been avoiding him. I didn't need his concern. I didn't want to remind him of how cracked  I felt then.

Luckily the senior dude is here. So it's not weird.

Then the senior left. 


For awhile we ran in silence. 

Then he asked

"Hey are you ok?" 

Am I ok? My parents are still gone. I still have all the other problems I had earlier. I just have them under control better. 

Plus I am alone with Alec. 

"What makes you think I'm not ok?" 

"Your acting like you were earlier." 

I grabbed my towel off my treadmill and said "Great. As if I don't have enough problems, I have a boys spying on me. I don't need your concern." I yelled at him. I jumped off the treadmill and left. I left my gym bag and run out the door for the woods. 

"Kat?" He called, following. 

"Leave me alone" I hissed and ran faster. Of course he had only just gotten to the gym and I had been running for awhile. And I think he is also faster. But I still beat him to the woods. 

Once I was there the advantage was mine. I races through the trees, weaving and jumping brush. I heard him run into the wild rose I had just ran into and curse. 

But I just kept running. 

And running

I'd cried in front of him before, when I had boxed until my hands bled. I'd been weak in front of him before when I almost dropped my tea cup.

I hate being weak in front of anyone. Even my friends. This guy had only been here a month and so far he had seen me just about every time I had cried. 

I wanted everyone to think I was strong. To see the girl I wanted them to see. Not the girl I was hiding. Everyone is weak sometimes, But I never wanted anyone to see. 

I kept running. 

Eventually, I heard him drop behind. I kept going a little longer. The forest was quiet. he must have given up and left. Maybe he realized now that I was weak. That I wanted to be alone. 

Even more I was afraid he would realized that I was alone. And that deep down,  I didn't want to be. 

I stopped by the stream. 

And cried. 

And cried.

I was NOT ok. 

But nobody could ever know that.

Nobody could know. 

I heard a rustle behind me and glanced back. Alec came out of the trees. His jeans were ripped from the roses and his legs were beginning to bleed. Too late I realized I couldn't run. I couldn't hide the tears. I was in a sitting position and he was too close. 

I decided to stall and distract him. I stood up. 
"Your legs are bleeding" I said, hoping to make him look down. Instead he said
"So are your arms" 
I glanced down. "I hadn't noticed" My voice cracked. 

"You don't notice. That's the problem. You just keep pushing yourself." He looked angry. 

"Im fine"

"stop lying"

A squirrel came out of the brush just then and I turned to look at it. I knew that would attract his attention. Cracking sound and me looking. Perfect. He turned and in that instant I ran again. 

But I didn't make it very far. He had longer legs and he was fresh. Plus he's a spy. He caught me before I had even crossed the clearing. He grabbed me around the arm and forcibly picked my feet up off the ground a few inches. 

I kicked back, trying to hurt him. To make him let me go. I wiggled as much as I could. Finally I managed to wrap my feet back around behind his legs and I applied pressure to the back of his knees. 

I had hoped that when he fell, he would let me go. He didn't. Now we were both lying on the ground and he was still holding me. I couldn't get free. 

I was so angry with myself. For being weak. For being stupid. For getting caught. I cried without meaning to and I was angry about that too. I cried and cried. . I hated myself for not crying silently, I hated the giant racking sobbing breaths I took. I know he could feel them. I could feel him breathing calm, in and out. 

Finally I couldn't cry anymore. I was limp. I hated myself for being weak. Alec no longer had no restrain me. I couldn't go anywhere. 

After awhile, Alec sat me up and we sat on the mossy ground. He kept one arm around me and turned slightly toward me. I couldn't escape. I pulled up my knees and rested my head on one of them, looking away from Alec. From the boy who'd bested me. From the boy who'd caught ME in the forest. On my ground. 

From the boy who'd seen my at my worst.

"Ok" He said after awhile "Tell me" 

"Why do you care." I croaked 

"I want to know"

"Why" I demanded, turning to look at him.  

"Because I care. Because if you don't you;ll just keep running yourself into the ground" 

I told him. I told him everything. I told him the things I ha never told anyone. Not even Jess and Lily. Not even my Mom. 

Half way through I started to cry again. Oops. Looks like I can still cry. 

He pulled my against him into a hug and I found myself leaning against his chest. I finished, pouring out my soul to this boy. 
He just sat there, with his chin on my head.

After awhile he asked me, "Ok, I'm going to let you go now. Promise not to run?" 

I nodded. There was no reason to run. Nothing to hide, besides myself (which was still very ashamed of crying my heart out in front of him) I washed my arms in the creek and Alec got most of the blood off his jeans. I don't normally wear any makeup, so there was nothing it fix. I just washed my face in the cold creek to get rid of the tear streaks. 

I went to stand and almost fell over. Alec caught me. And we began to walk back. 

I was silent most of the way back. Alec talked about his family and other things. I wasn't really listening. When we were almost back in sight of the mansion, I put on a fake smile (It totally looked real.) and laughed, like I was having the time of my life.

"Kat" Alec said, looking concerned "You don't have to do that" 

I broke off my fake smile for a second and told him "Yes I do" 


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What Happened Next

So I told them all my story, and they were all so happy.
One of them sighed and said "I wish I could have been there"

Then Alice sat up suddenly and yelped "The security cameras!" Then she wheeled her wheelchair quick as light, and raced off down the hall. The rest of the girls raced after her leaving just me and the boys.

But wait.

I just keeps getting better. They found the library feed.

So now there are three videos.

Video One: Me throwing book at Alec's head.

Video Two: Me stabbing Peter with a steak knife

Video Thee: All of us attacking yet another  Blackthorne boy.

The note at the end? Gallagher Girls 3; Blackthorne Boys 0

And they showed this video at the end of our grand James Bond Movie Marathon. There were a lot of Blackthorne Boys present. They didn't look happy.

Oh. This is going to be LOTS of fun.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Return of The Mad Hatter

Alice returns today! 

Who is Alice? Alice is a Gallagher Girl. She is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. She has leg problems. She just under went surgery last month, so she wasn't allowed to come back to school until now. 
She wheeled into the class room. (She always was a bloody dramatic girl. I just know she didn't come to Breakfast so she could come into class and surprise us. We didn't even know if she was going to make it back this month) 

She rolled in and we all stood and cheered. Happy moment. 

Then as I was sitting down  I heard a boy behind me (not RIGHT behind me, just back a few rows) say
"I thought all Gallagher Girls were supposed to be bad-ass ninja chicks" (or something like that) 

I dropped to a crouch, pulled my knives and stood. I guess I wasn't the only one  who heard. Almost every girl in the room was standing. Some stood, clenched there hands and glared, some threw textbooks, (and we have very bloody heavy  text books, so...) Oh yeah, and we have a girl in the Sophomore class who specializes in darts. The boy, in a matter of seconds, was hit with five or six heavy books and three pencils stuck in him. One literally stuck. Like in his flesh. 

So he lay on the floor and the remainder of the girls (and some of the boys)  glared down at him. Needless to say, class was disrupted. He went off to the nurse. 

He didn't mean any offense. Just stupid things slip out sometimes. Especially out of the mouths of boys. 

He apologized. All was forgiven. 

Was Alice offended? No she was laughing as hard at the time I thought the was going to hurt herself! Of course she managed to get the whole thing on Camera. No doubt we will have 100 funny parody movies made by the end of the day. All by her. Well, her code name isn't the Mad Hatter for nothing. 

Anyway, so we were all sitting in the classroom in the lull that followed and someone (Alec)  said with a laugh  "Well, at last this time they were only stabbed with pencils. Last time it was steak knife." and then looked pointedly at me and laughed again. "In the shoulder"

Then all the girls turned on me too. 

Oops. I may have forgotten to tell them that...


PS. If YOU haven't heard about the knife throwing incident, you can read about it here. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Movies I Want To Watch: 2017

(Movies That Came Out Last Year But I Haven't Watched: )
Star Wars: Rogue One

Feb 10- LEGO Batman movie
March 17- Beauty and The Beast
March 3- Logan
May 5- Guardians of the Galaxy II (baby groot!)
May 26- Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Men Tell No Tales
June 2- Wonder Woman
June 9- Divergent: Ascendant
June 16- Cars 3 (don't judge me)
July 7- Spider Man Homecoming
Nov 3- Thor Ragnarok (Loki!)
Nov 17- Justice League
Nov 22- Coco (Disney)
Dec 15- Star Wars: Episode VIII

Aaaah. I just saw a Disney movie "Christopher Robin" Live action. Adult Christopher Robin has to come back to 100 acre woods! Aaah! How have I never heard of this?


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ballet and Gymnastics, My Long Forgotten Dreams

Did you know I wanted to be a ballerina? Well, that or do gymnastics.

But it turns out I have bad ankles.

And wrists.

My mom didn't want me to be in a sport where I would be constantly spraining my ankles and wrists and putting strain on them all the time.

But I still love watching gymnastics and ballet.


Butter and Carl. Sort of.

Since I haven't blogging in awhile about them, I think I'll do a post about them.
That's right.

Carl and Butter.

Butter is a rescue dog. She is  a purebred corgi and is very shy. She is loving and extremely sweet. Carl is a puppy Townsend got later. I don't know if he's purebred or what. He is a evil fiend from Hell, sent to drive all puppy-sitters away. He likes to run away when taken on walks, jumps up on people, etc.

Just kidding. I wasn't going to do an entire post about two corgis. If I did, it would have been mostly pictures and I promised Headmistress Morgan that I wouldn't post any....

So, Abby and  Edward Townsend, and their new family.

Mathew and Morgan are doing well. Their loving Aunt and Uncle step in....(well. Technically, Cammie is a cousin, but whatever. Still calling her an aunt. Headmistress Morgan is an aunt then)
step in and watch them when Abby or Townsend need a minute. I don't think they are too sad about it.

They are thinking of moving to England, back near Townsend's folks. There is a cottage Townsend owns, out in the country. When Abby met Townsend's folks they loved her. They will at least be going to visit for a while. I think they might stay a few months, until this semester is over. Townsend's family can't afford to travel. I wonder if Zack will go back will them...


Saturday, January 21, 2017

About Me! (January 2017)

So, last week I asked you for comments, and/or emails.
What do you want to know about me and my school?

Well, here goes;

Do You Play Any Musical Instruments? What About Your Roommates? 
Yes, actually. I play a viola, which is kind of like a violin, but a tiny bit bigger and with a bit deeper sound. (I also can play the violin). Lily doesn't play any instruments, though she is a huge fan of some random singer dude. Jess knows how to play the piano, but she doesn't play often, even though we have a piano here.

Favorite Movie? 
hmmmm. Man From UNCLE is one of my favorite SPY movies....I also like "old" movies (my grandma loves them) like Singing in the Rain, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Oh my gosh is that movie funny.

What Classes Are You Taking And What Is Your Least Favorite Subject? 

So many classes.
Here goes:
Languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Polish, English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Farsi, Swahili, German, Latin, Hindi, and Korean,
Protection and Enforcement , Covert-Operations, Culture and Assimilation, Research and Development, Hacking and Cracking (Formal name: Computing) Driver's Ed, Countries of the World, History of Espionage, Advanced Chemistry, and Advanced Calculus. My least favorite classes? Advanced Calculus. Ugh. Math *Shudders*

What Is Your Fav. Class?!?!?!

Cov-ops. Duh. But I also like Culture and Assimilation, and P&E. I love anything spy related, and I love learning about new people. I also love learning how to kick their butts.

Pickles or Pineapples? 
Is that even a bloody question? Pickles. I LOVE pickles. And pineapples make my face raw (unless I grill them) Wait. Is there some secret meaning behind this?
What Is Your Favorite Food? 
Pizza. Root Beer. McDonald's French Fries and Ice Cream (Eat them together) and Steak. Also Strawberry shakes, Waffles,  and,.....who am I kidding.....I LOVE ALL DA FOOD!
If You Can't Be A Spy, What Would You Want To Be? 
A vet. I think I would specialize in felines :)

Do You Wanna Kiss Alec? 
I'm not even going to answer that

Is It Weird Having A Book Written About The School You Go To? 
No. It's awesome. The best part is it's true. The best part is reading fan fiction and being like "They would totally do that" or EEEEEWWW! They would NEVER!

Besides Pinterest and Google+, What Other Social Media Are You On? 
I have a polyvore account....does that count? I really don't get on social media a lot. Plus I hate Facebook...


When Is Your Birthday?
October 18

Have You Ever Had A Boyfriend Before?
Nope. Wait, what do you mean before?

What Do You Do In Your Free Time? 
Free Time? What is that? JK
I do lots of things. I read, dance, do yoga, box, throw knives and cry over my ships. My beloved ships that are being slowly peeled apart.

Can You Shoot A Gun (Pew-Pew) 
Ummmmm. Yes. And I am a bloody good shot, thank you very much.

Aren't Jess And David Cute? 
YESSSSS! Would it be ok to make up a ship name for your bestie?

Favorite Disney Movie?
Avengers. JK. Hey, Marvel owns Disney!

I really don't know....Frozen? Mulan?
I do like The Hunchback Of Notre Dame a lot....Mary Poppins? The New Cinderella movie?
So many choices....

Favorite Teacher? 
 Joe Solomon or Abby Townsend.


Ok. That's it! If you have questions, let me know and maybe I'll make another one of these some day! (Maybe a once a month thing? Every other month?)


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jess and David

Soooo, now that my problems are more or less stable, I should talk about Jess and David.

So, they were friends from sixish to twelve, which is when he and his parents moved away. 

Neither one knew the other can from a spy family. The parents knew, but neither of the kids new. 

The parents weren't close enough for them to visit each other after the move, though the parents are on good terms with each other. 

So they were both very surprised and happy to see each other.  Jess was a little upset at first. I mean, while her parents knew they were moving, the assumed that David had told her. And he didn't. 

Anyway, they had to move away pretty quick (spy thing. Ha d to move to a new place for their next job) 

They left in under a week, while Jess and her family were on vacation at the nearby lake. 

So she just came home, so excited to see her friend after two weeks away, got out of the car and ran straight to his house (end of the block.) 

Only to see a new family moving in. 

So yeah. 

She was pretty upset about that. Since she didn't know he was part of a spy family, she just thought he knew before she went on vacation  and didn't tell her. 

Or didn't try to tell her way she was away. There was no letter. Nothing. 

So yeah, that very excited talking, very heated talking that first day (name of page) wasn't all "Hey. How are you! What have you been up to for the last four years?" 

Granted, he did try and send her a letter later. It took him awhile to track down their old address. They lived down the block, so they didn't exactly write letters to each other. 

But by that time, she had moved on too. 

He had some explaining to do, and he did then she forgave him and they "kissed and made up" (As far as I know, there was NO kissing) 

So they're friends (at the least) and they spend a lot of time together, catching up, etc.

What? You wanted juicey details? When I get some, you'll be the first to know, 'K ? 


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Polite Potato Boy

So I was in the Kitchen. Louis was out so I had the room all to myself! He wanted to take the day off, which was fine with me, since it felt a little weird not doing all the cooking after his break.  When I bake by myself, well. especially if I'm spinning all over the room doing a million things, well....
I spin all over the room. 

Stir the sauce, slid over to the oven and check it. Peek in at the food cooling in the fridge, etc

I got in to a wonderful flow. I finished the sauce, a wonderful work of art, and had finally set it aside to cool.  Since nobody was watching. I went ahead and threw my spoon across the room into the sink. Hey. I'm a knife thrower. Of course it went in. 

Then I heard the clapping. 

I turned, already prepared on what cutting remark I could give Alec when I saw it was David. 

So I said. "Um. Hello?" 

Instead of saying something like, "that was a pretty dramatic spin back there between checking the over and getting some salt" he asked
 "Would you like some help?" 

"That would be nice." I answered, since you have to give a polite answer. Madame D. is back, for heaven's sake!

He walked in and started helping me peel potatoes. 


He is uber polite. 

Like, he has old fashioned country boy manners.

Madame D would be so proud!


(More Update Later) 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Awkward and Awesome: Being a Gallagher Girl


  • The Gallagher Glare
  • The secrets you have to keep from your hometown friends
  • Homework
  • Sometimes Mr. Fibs makes you be his assistant. *Muffled Scream*
  • Sometimes living with all girls has its downsides. Like gossip. But there is NO backstabbing. No cruel petty drama. WE ARE SISTERS! Sisters sometimes fight...but we are strong. DO NOT MESS WITH US!
  • Everyone in own thinks your a snobby brat...
  • And you have to play along (This is kind of awesome though...) 


  • Cov-ops classes! YAY! It's so much fun! Sometimes its challenging, but hey, if you don't want a challenge why are you even going to GA? Plus they are taught by bloody legends!
  • Getting that one move perfect
  • You have the most awesome sisterhood ever! They will stand with you no matter what! (Just don't spoil TV shows, or you'll get it in P&E)
  • Those awesome sleep overs that are a combination of dessert, drama, and hot spies. (Well not always spies...) 
  • Running. 
  • Everything 
  • Anything that has to do with clandestine anything 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Writing On My Blog About My Blog

So, my blog has turned into interactions between Alec and Me. Which may be kind of annoying to some of you (somehow I don't think so though), but that is basically all that is going on in my life. 

I suppose I can talk about how much I miss my family...
The new book I'm reading, except it's classified....

So anyway, I've been talking about the girl part of my life, I can't talk too much about the spy part of my life, so maybe I'll say something about my blog. 

Who knows about my blog?

Well. All of you. You mean at my school? Just me and Headmistress Morgan. I haven't told any of my friends or anything, but I am intending to tell them about it at the end of the school year. They'll most likely all want to guest blog, so be ready.

How can you even be writing about this? 

Well, one of our alumni, Amirah, had to leave our school eight years ago do to the fact that she was being hunted by the circle.  She changed her name and wrote a "fiction" series about a snobby boarding school that actually trained spies. Yep. That's right. Amirah and Liz went through Cammie's cov-ops reports and diaries (with her permission....I hope), wrote a book and published it for all the world to see. 

So, You've read the books? 

Yes. Duh. I have also read her Heist Society series, and am interested in her Embassy Row series. I don't think they are based off real people. At least I have never heard of Kat (Why does she have my name? There can't be that many Kats!) 

Am I super excited about have 1000+ page views?

Ummmm. Duh. 

Just Kidding. You, my beloved followers, are such bloody awesome people! Thank you for reading my stuff!  

Any questions for your followers? 

Yes! As you know, all bloggers LOVE comments and receiving emails from their readers. So I'd love if you would comment and tell me what you want to hear about.'

Gallagher Alumni from Amirah's series? 
Classes? What are we learning? 

Also, I am planning on posting about me. So if you have any questions (Favorite movie. color, class, book, etc)  let me know!   Comment or Email me! 

What is my email?Well, you can find it on my google+page (which can be found here) or Katthegallaghergirl@gmail.com   
UPDATE! Please note that I will be posting my answers to your questions sometime next week. So you have to email me or comment BEFORE then.

Cheers mates 


Jo Staff

Today was the first time since the boys arrived that we worked on our individual weapons in P&E.

It was nice to get some insight on my knife work. I have been practicing, I always do. It's so relaxing.

It was also the first time many of the girls had seen the boys' weapons.

Some people fell into little groups, working with similar weapons. Sometimes we would be paired up to try something like, Double Knives Vs Katana, you know. Just in case.

It's just our grade working in the barn right now. Once a month all the grades get together to practice. That's fun, because if you are one of the more skilled students ( I am) you get bumped up a grade. So I would get to fight with the Juniors.

The R/D students have to come to P&E classes, though after the Sophomore year they can decided to come every other practice. Which is kind of sad, because soon Lily won't be training with us. She already splits up every afternoon when Jess and I go to Cov-ops studies. *Sigh*

Anyway, I was watching Jess and David shooting longbows together over at the archery station, while I was taking a breather from fighting D'aja and her nunchucks (honestly girl. Calm down.)  when Ms. Hancock asked " Katherine? Are you ready for another round? I'm thinking of pairing you up against a Jo Staff. There is an interesting move I'd like to show you."

So I turned around and there was Alec with a giant stick.
"K" I said, elegantly, I fixed my pony tail, took a sip of water and stepped onto one of the training mats.
"Ok, Katherine, Alec. I want you to just start, and fight instinctively... Then we'll work on different moves later. "

We both nodded. I could see other students stopping their work to watch. Ms Hancock noticed too and told them to go back to work, but they started watching again as soon as she turned her back.

Ms Hancock looked back and forth, making sure we were both ready.

Alec stood at one end of the mat, relaxed, holding his Jo staff. I stood at the other end, arms crossed, weight leaned on one leg.

Alec shifted uncomfortably. "Does Kat have a weapon or is she fighting me hand to staff" he asked Ms Hancock.

I realized he hadn't seen my daggers, which I kept sheathed in each boot, and smirked. "I'll be fine!" I said. "Let us begin"

He shrugged and swung and experimental blow at me from the side. He was trying to figure out how I was going to fight. I ducked under it, dropping into a crouch. In one fluid movement, Alec changed direction and swung a blow from above.  Quick as a cat (pun intended)  I  pulled my daggers out of my boots and formed them into a X above my head, bracing myself for the blow just as it hit.

He was very surprised for a moment and in the moment, I stood, moving the Jo Staff to one side and kicked out at his gut in a sidekick.

He dodged back and pulled his Jo Staff with him.

He took another step back and nodded once.

"Interesting" He quipped.

Then he sprang back into the fight and we fought, daggers and staff flashing back and forth, quick as light.

I felt myself getting tired. I could see he was slowly too, but not as quickly as I was.

One of the daggers slipped from my sweaty hand. Drat.

I decided on a last ditch effort move. I ducked under his Jo Staff, switching from leaning back from out of the staff's reach, slide under his legs, jumped up.

He was tried too and it took him longer to react. He started to spin around, but I was already behind him with my daggers at his throat.

"Time" Ms Hancock called. I took the daggers from his throat and stepped back. He wiped his sweaty hands on his pants and held it out to me. "You surprised me" I wiped mine off and shook his hands.
"It won't work twice. Good fight, by the way."

Everyone went back to work, and Alec and I sat on one of the mats and listened to Ms. Hancock while we cooled down. When we did start up again, we just worked together, learning the moves in slow motion, and ingraining them into our memory.

Do you want to know what a Jo Staff is?



Friday, January 13, 2017

Fandom Friday: Ella and Kit

So, Fandom Friday: *Spoilers*

You know the new Live Action Cinderella movie that Disney came out with?

How at the end, Kit and Ella are together, Evil Stepmum and sisters are banished, sooooo

What happens to the house?

Here's what I think:

It's pretty close to the castle, right? It's a small kingdom, anyway, soooo

When Kit and Ella get tried of the exhausting live in the castle, always working, dealing with annoying royalty,  etc they go stay at the house.

Just quiet time. (unless they have kids....)

Ella can be with the animals, running around, helping the servants, who live there and keep the house nice.

Kit and Ella go riding in the woods, the attic is changed into this awesome room with comfy couches and such

Image result for Live action cinderella house

And they lived happily ever after!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bloody Hell. He notices things.

Bloody hell.

I was filling my mug again after the Movie Marathon and I noticed it was my

"Good Morning. I see the assassins have failed" Coffee Mug!

Either Alec was bloody lucky and grabbed my favorite coffee mug by luck or....

He's been watching me


Not just creepy watching. But genuinely noticing what's going on with me (scary)

In two days he already notices my favorite coffee mug etc.

The girl part of my is blushing.

The spy part of my is impressed

The girl spy though is wondering:

WHY is he watching ME? I'm not saying "I don't have a chance" or anything, just why me?
None of the other boys are picking up on these things.

Also, is it just me? Or does he notice these things about everybody? Is it because he had to carry my mug for me the other day? (I'm still not over that by the way)

Even David, who knew Jess when she was little, doesn't know these sort of things about her.

What the bloody hell?


Spy Movie Marathon and Hot Chocolate

So this afternoon, everyone was planning to go hike along the trails because everyone was going crazy from being inside. Jess and Lily invited me, but I shook my head. Right now i just needed to be alone. I nodded for them to go ahead. Just about everyone was going, even the Research and Development girls who LIVE in the library and labs.

Even Liz.

I sat in the common room with a fuzzy blanket looking out the windows thinking. Then Alec walked in with two mugs of hot chocolate.

You could have gone with them" He said

"I wanted to be alone" I said "What's your excuse"

"I didn't want you to be alone"

I might have said something snotty, but he handed me hot chocolate.

Uh Oh!

He found my weakness! Chocolate! I sipped it. It made me feel a lot better

"Wow. Why are you so bloody protective?" I muttered "It's not like your my boyfriend."

"Wouldn't that be a tragedy?" He asked sarcastically

I looked up, but he was facing away, looking at the Gallagher movie collection. Most of them were donated by a Gallagher Alumni named Tina Walters.

"Never seen this one before" He said holding up one of my favorites The Man From U.N.C.L.E

"You've never seen it?" I gasped. I stood up and walked past him to the couch, snatching it out of his hand as I walked "Come on!" I called. "This calls for popcorn!"

It turned into a movie marathon.

The third batch of popcorn was popping when everyone flooded back in.

"That was quick" I called.

"To muddy. Plus it started to rain." Lily said and plopped down beside me. "What's ya watchin' "

"Spy movies. Alec had never seen the Man from UNCLE!"

*Collective gasp from all the Sophomore girls present*

Then started to rain like crazy outside, so we all stayed huddled inside, in blankets.

So much for going outside.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Talk to the Girls, They'll Fix It

Last night, we were in our room, getting ready for bed. I was brushing my hair when Lily looked up from painting her nails.

"Ok, Kat. Spill. What's wrong?"

I said nothing, just gave them a look like, What me? Problems?

"Come on Kat" Jess said from the bathroom. "We gave you space. Now squeal"

Ok, so I guess my friends saw that something was wrong with me.

So I told them. Well not everything. But most of it. As much of it as I could bring myself to say out loud.

Of course it ended up being about Pitt, David and Alec.

Totally un-supporting friends

"He's SOOOO dreamy!"

"Lily! Alec is annoying!"

"But he's so cute"

"He is also over protective, Jess! He's not even my boyfriend!"

"Do you want him to be?" Lily smirked

*Here Lily was creamed with a pillow *

 After a brief (but glorious) pillow fight, we relaxed again and started annoying Jess about David

Talking to them made me feel so much better and my day went so much better.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I'm fine

I wore long sleeve that covered my hand this morning to hide my raw knuckles. 

Luckily, my friends are a little...distracted...by the boys. 

The only one who noticed was Alec. Bloody Alec. 

Why is he always around embarrassing me. I hate it when people see me when I'm low. When I'm sad, crying, sick etc. 

I. bloody. hate. it.

Anyway, I walked down with my friends, and got in line for waffles. I love waffles. 
I was fine carrying my plate of waffles, but as I was walking over to the tables, I shifted the hand I was holding my coffee mug in. 

The hot mug touched my hand and I gasped. 

And released the mug.

Then Alec caught it. 

I kept my eyes down as I muttered "Thank you". I don't know what would have been worse,  Alec having to catch my mug, or it shattering onto the ground and making everyone look. Maybe then they would have noticed what a mess I am right now. I took a deep breathe and looked up. 

I forced a perfect smile. "Thank You" I said, a little louder this time and reached out my hand for the mug. Which of course showed my hand. Dang it. 

He gave me a look with his sad deep brown eyes, but he said in a normal voice "No. That's fine. I'll get it." 

I saw Jess and Lily sitting with David and Pitt. I don't mean just at the same table. 
I mean the two boys and the girls were sitting in the four person spot that the three of us normally sat at. 

What? Seriously? It's been one day!

I must have snorted or something. 

You Ok? Alec asked

I flashed him a smile that could fool Natasha Romanoff. 

"What? No I'm fine" 

"Kat..." He said

"I'm fine!" I growled through my now not so realistic smile

I walked straight and true to the table and slid into a seat.

"Hey guys! What are you up to?" I asked in a peppy voice, ignoring Alec as he slid into the seat beside  me.

Then I listened to their happy babble and tuned out a little, smiling and eating my waffles. 

But the strawberries didn't taste as good today and my coffee tasted bitter. 

P&E Wasn't much better

I sparred with Alec today. We practiced our moves, which were pretty simple today. Luckily, I normally fight with my legs. 

"Kat" Alec said, as he dodged a blow "you can hold back if you want. It's ok if your..." 
He was distracted while he talked and I switched from leg sweeps and high kicks to a good punch in the face. Then I drove him back with a flurry of blows. I tripped him as he walked backwards. 

I leaned over him as he lay on his back  and said "I am a Gallagher Girl. I. Do. Not. Back. OFF"

I held out my hand and smiled my fake smile that everyone but he and I thought was real. 
"Go again?" I said

"Yeah" He nodded and stood up. We started sparring again and he got in a surprise blow. It was actually a pretty cools move. He swept my legs out form under me, pinned my arm behind my back and knelt at the same time, forcing me to one knee on the ground, my arm twisted behind me. I knew how to get out of this position, but I was seething that he had gotten me into it. 

He smirked at me and said "You could try" and before I could twist out of my position, he let he go.

Sadly, then the P&E lesson was over  before I got a chance to kick him again. 

"I'm fine!" I hissed as I gathered by gym bag from it's spot by the wall. 

"It's just a bloody knuckle. You don't have to be so bloody concerned!" 

And I turned and stared at him. He just looked back with those concerned brown eyes. I felt myself loosing this starring contest, so I rolled my eye, pretending to be annoyed, and  ran to catch up with my friends. 


Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm A Mess

I guess you really want to hear about how the day went. Well, even the girls who are a little boy crazy ....well, we're Gallagher Girls. We're kind of...competitive. 

I've never seen such intense P&E  workouts. 

Maybe some of these girl think they look cuter if they're kicking someones butt. 

Maybe they just don't want to be shown up by some boy

I trained the same as I always do. I worked hard, but only hard enough to learn the move. Then I trained hard later that afternoon, when everyone else was busy.
We may be supposed to work with these boys, but there is no reason to show them more then I have to. 

Never give out free information.

But at the same time, I didn't let anyone take me down. I worked as hard as I needed to. I haven't sparred with any boys today. And the Culture and Assimilation class wasn't on anything to embarrassing.  That was nice of Madame D. 

I'm kind of exhausted. I still miss my parents. I don't know when they're are coming back. I miss them. I thought it would be better with everyone there. 

It isn't. The sun was going down and everyone was inside by the fire studying or watching TV. I snuck out to the barn and began to box. I worked and worked until I got into a flow, tears flowing freely down my face. I only broke out of my trance when my knuckles began to bleed. I dropped and began to do push ups until my stomach felt sick. 

I sat for a minute, breathing heavily. I was planning to go run in the woods, along the path. The dark didn't bother me. I opened the door and saw the rain pouring down. 

"To run or not to run?" I asked, my voice cracking. "I can't come in soaking wet, but I feel like a could use a run in the rain." 

"You don't look like you need to go out in the rain." Alec drawled from his spot in the loft. He was sitting with his back against the wall. A book lay across his lap. 

At times today, I was glad I had gotten Alec. Or Alec had gotten me. Whatever. 
But right now I was spitting mad. This was MY TIME. I clearly wanted to be alone. Why can't he let me be? 

I could have said something witty. Or cutting. Or things that would have made Madame D  (and Liz and my Mom ) wash my mouth out with soap. But instead I fixed him with an evil glare. I stared at him. He looked down, calmly meeting my eyes. 
I turned on my heel and fled. I walked stiffly out the door, but as soon as I was out of sight and hearing I ran. I ran back to the house, snuck up the back stairs to my room and turned on the bath water. Only then, with the  bathroom door locked, did I stop and look in the mirror. 

Mascara ran down my tear lined face, and my  knuckles knuckles bleeding over my clenched hands. 

I'm a mess.

I felt a little better once I had taken a hot bath. But I wasn't at peace with myself when I fell asleep that night.

Katherine Edgeworth, Reporting for Boy Duty

"The List" as it came to be called, was posted in the Dinning Hall.

Almost the entire school was gathered around those five little pieces of paper.

Now even if a boy and girl really hit it off that first evening when (most of us) first met them, they still didn't know id they were going to be paired up. Boys could ask, but mostly Headmistress Morgan and the Blackthorne Boys Alumni who had come with them decided. I think they paired them (us) up by interest.

Lily and Jess, who were wearing way to much makeup for the first day of school pushed into the crowd.
"Let me know who I got" I called to them as I made my way to the food. I smiled to Gracie, and Emma as we walked through the buffet line.

"Just us and the food!" Gracie laughed

Emma snorted "Boys, who needs them! I don't think they're even up!"

I grabbed waffles (I LOVE waffles) and piled it to the top with whip cream and strawberries and grabbed a glass of juice.

The twins, plopped down beside me on either side. I always mix them up, but I think Ashley was on the left and Emily was on the right....

"I got Luke" the one of the right smirked

"I don't see why YOUR smiling, Ashley!" the one on the left said (must have been Emily) " I got Hunter!"

"Did you see mine?" I asked through a strawberry filled mouthful.

"Yes. Lucky! You got Alex!"


(PS Lily got a chap named Pitt and Jess got David. Naturally)

Got to go start class now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome Home Dinner

(I am writing this from the bathroom off our room. Lily and Jess have bedded down so I can post if I'm very fast) 


That was interesting
So we all went into the Dinning Hall.   As tradition, we girls only sit on the far side, that way we can see the opening ceremony better. Well, not always. Most of the girls do. The table where Jess, Lily and I were sitting (they are like Cafeteria tables) had three empty chairs on the other side of the table. Anyway, we had all gotten our food and were sitting down.
The teachers came in.....

followed by the boys.

Jess' eyes got really big and Lily made a tiny squeaking sound. Then they both turned on me.
I tried to look surprised

Then Alec and his three friends came and sat down on the opposite side of our table and said "Hey Kat" 

There goes my cover.
Lily looked mildly angry. (JK. Smoke was coming out of her ears) 
Jess looked stunned. So did one of Alec's friends. (I didn't know his name. I only knew the annoying ones)
Then he said "Hey Jessica"
Then Alec and his other friend...(who was stuffing his face. Wait until Madame D. gets a hold of him! Muuwahahaha)   Anyway, they turned like "WHAAAAAAAT?!"
Turns out, Jess and this other dude (his name is David) knew each other when they were younger. They used to live in the same small town! He moved away two years ago and neither one knew the other was from a spy family.
After a moment of stunned silence, they began babbling as fast as they could. I looked at Alec and I mouthed "Awkward"
He raised his eyebrows and mouthed "Amusing"
So yeah. My day was awkwardly amusing.

I did break away for a little bit and introduce Tansy and Lance