Thursday, October 27, 2016

Short post about my roomies

Life has been crazy here. It always its. Headmistress Morgan officially ok'd by blog, just so you know, before I even started and I can now post from the Gallagher School.
I have a couple papers to write and I really should be doing that instead. But I decided to take a brake and write a tiny bit about my roomies.
Lily is shorter then me, and loves anything to do with computers or gadgets. She loves braking codes and passwords. If she doesn't make it in life as a spy or scientist, then I think she might become a computer hacker. Sorry.Did I say BECOME a computer hacker? I meant become the most notorious computer hacker the world has ever seen!   She also loves putting together disguises, complete with pocket litter.  She is a sophomore and on the research and development track.
Jess is a sophomore too, but she is an the cov-ops study course with me. Jess is awesome at languages. Not only can she learn a language creepily fast, but she almost always gets the accent right and can mimic anyone's voice after hearing it once.

I guess I should say a little about myself as well. I love martial arts, locking picking and wilderness survival.  I am also a big fan of Melinda May, Natasha Romaoff, Bex Baxter, and Oliver Queen.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DIY Manicure/Pedicure

Since it was Gallagher Girls giving each other pedicures that first figured out finger prints, I figured they wouldn't mind if I blog about manicure.
That's right.

DIY Mani -Pedi

Step 1: Clean everything.
Take off the old polish. Trim and file your nails, and then, if you want, buff your nails.

 Step 2: Soak
Soak hands 2-3 minutes and feet 4-5. It's best (long term) to use sugar scrub on your feet and hands because they tend to rip up your skin less. You can make your own with one tablespoon sugar and tablespoon baby oil.

Step 3: Cuticles. Soften them with oil. By now, they should be soft from the oil and the soaking, so go ahead and push them gently back.

Step 4: Moisten! Rub on that moisturizer. Before moving on, be sure to swipe your nail beds with nail polish remover! This is VERY important. If you  want your nails to last the week, with all the P&A classes and crazy science experiments you have to have super clean nails.
Step 5: Base coat. Also important. Do not forget.
Step 6: POLISH TIME! Pick your favorite color and paint away. To be professional, paint a swipe down the middle and then down the sides.

Step 7: Stop, relax and DON"T TOUCH ANYTHING! Just sit back and watch Black Widow kick butt. Or Buffy kick butt. Or Oliver Queen kick butt.

Or what ever you like to watch


Monday, October 10, 2016

Black Widow

Of course every girl here loves Natasha Romanoff!

She is possibly  the world's greatest spies.

She was injected with serum too
We know her story
We know legends aren't made cheap

Friday, October 7, 2016

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart 
Amelia Earhart went missing during an attempt to circumnavigate the ...

One of the coolest things ever is seeing a Gallagher Girl mentioned in the Percy Jackson Series (Liz just brought 3 copies of the entire series back from....where ever she was)
It said that Ameilia was a Half-Blood! 
Which totally would have worked. She would go to Gallagher during the school year and Camp Half-Blood during the summer.
She could kill any monster or mortal!
She is SOOO COOOL!!!!

(she also didn't die when her plane disappeared. She finished her life under deep, deep cover. How cool is that?)