Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Impaled A Dinner Guest

So I walked into the dinning hall. (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke)  I'm used to it being empty. It's nice. I can eat whatever way and want and everything.

Anyway, have I ever mentioned I have REALLY good hearing? Seriously.

I noticed "Alec" (if that even was his real name. I still don't trust him) wasn't starring daggers or anything. So he didn't hold a grudge. That's good. I saw another boy lean over and whisper.
"Check out those legs."

I assume I wasn't supposed to hear...but still.

So, I tucked into a somersault roll thingy, and popped up by the near by table.

"Well, aren't you a drama queen." you might be thinking but

A. You have NO idea

B. Even though the table was, like, 5 steps away, they would see me going for a knife, etc.
Plus the roll is faster, and it doesn't register right away that I was going for a knife.

Anyway, I stood up and threw the knife in one fluid motion. I saw Alec's eyes going really wide as he and the boy on the other side of Annoying Boy ducked behind the table. But Annoying-Boy was still looking around him, waiting for a laugh. A returning joke or insult. Not a angry knife throwing girl.

He took a knife through the shoulder. The boy on the far side of Alec jumped up and run to help. Annoying Boy stared at his shoulder.

And I?

I calmly sat down and began eating my supper.

Hey! I cooked this tuna casserole and I'm going to enjoy it.

I am expecting someone will come and talk to me. I am in the library right now. I finished dinner fast. Not because I'm worried. (More like annoyed). I just always eat fast. Life is too short to spend it all at the table.

So yes. I went to dinner, impaled a guest, calmly ate my dinner and went to work on my blog. I'm thinking of changing the background.