Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Miss Balli"

Oh wow.

You would not believe what Lily just found.

The reason why Cas got kicked out of her old school is she "pranked" someone....

While, according to the article Lily found, "Miss Balli is known for her pranks, she took this one a little to far."

And yes. I know. Her name is Demos. So they school must have changed her name when the reporters showed up. Reporters tend to do that when they notice a boy tied up and hanging out the upper window of a boarding school.

And yes. That's what she did. I don't know why she did it...but that was diffidently her face smirking out the window. I wonder what he did to annoy her.


Maybe I can get her to do something to Alex....



  1. cas is probably really good at pranks, you should start a prank war!!! girls vs.boys

    1. I don't think Cas would... she's kind of stand offish right now, and she did just get kicked out of her last school for a "prank"