Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In Case of Cute Boy, Throw Book

Yesterday, I heard Cammie, Abby and Rachael talking. All I heard were bits and pieces. 
Nobody being here....
....No sense in keeping them cooped up...
...Might as well...
... she wont tell anyone

I just went back to my book.
The next day, I was hiding in the library, reading, when a boy walked in.
He was tall. Not too tall. A little taller then me maybe, with blondish brown hair that was cut kind of short. Not military short, just short enough that it stuck up a little.
He was very cute.  Our eyes met.

 I did what any self respecting girl would do. I flung my book at his face. He dodged neatly.
Luckily it distracted him, and that's all I was hopping for (Though I would have liked to see the heavy volume of "SpyCraft" splat into his face)

I had surprise on my side and I quickly swept his legs out from under him and pinned  him to the floor.
Just then Cammie and Zack came in.
Cammie saw us and sighed. "I was hoping to get to you first" she sighed.
"He's an exchange student."
Then I understood. "From Blackthorne" I stood up and glared down at him. Then I sighed looked away and held out my hand to help him up.
He said "I'm Alex" and held out his hand
I gave him a look like, Seriously?
"Kat" Cammie said in a warning tone
"Cat?" He laughed. "Like C-A-T?"
"No. Kat like Katherine. With a K. " But I shook his hand, because that's what I was trained to do. Even with Madame D out for the break, I still expected her to pop out of the woodwork and ask me I wasn't being a lady.
Then I  gave a polite smile that would have fooled anyone, except for the fact that they had all seen me glaring daggers a few seconds ago, grabbed my book and left.

well that went well.

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