Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fandom Friday: Dr. Strange


So Headmistress Morgan managed to get tickets for every girl at GA to go watch the Dr. Strange Movie. ( She did the same thing with Star Wars: The force awakens, but that didn't turn out so good, since a bunch of girls tried to make a light saber. It took a lot for the teachers to convince them to stop.)

I loved it. I really liked the Cloak of Levitation. And I want a sling ring. I loved the end credit (The nice one with Thor, not the other one.)

Anyway, So I loved it so much. I went in Roseville and I went again with my Dad and Mom, and again with some on my non GA friends.

And Yes. I am a Cumberbatch fan. But I was before, so.

Image - Doctor Strange's Sling Ring.jpg | Marvel Movies | Fandom ...

I really REALLY want a sling ring.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Our break starts today, so I'll be saying good bye for the Holiday. My Dad is coming to pick me up, and so I am saying good bye to everyone and packing all my junk.

I'm excited to be going home!

Macey McHenry, the Gallagher Girl who who joined Cammie Morgan on many of her adventures and is now in the secret service is back at Gallagher Academy!

She is taking some well earned leave after the very stressful elections. (She had to guard this people, you know.)

I heard her say something about how she would rather spend her time at GA for the Holidays then with her family.

I heard a rumor that Bex will be back after the Christmas Break and will be spending the Spring Semester with us! Yay! I LOOOOOVE Bex SOOOOO much!!!

She is SO COOL!

Dad's ETA: Any bloody minute. So I'd better get back to packing.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thanksgiving Break/Cammie

Christmas isn't that far away! Thanksgiving break is coming up too! I'm so excited!

Some of the girls will be staying at GA over the Thanksgiving break, because their families are too far away or on missions somewhere...

I fully plan to go back to...where ever i be with my family over break.

But for some people, coming back to GA IS coming home.

Maybe that is why Cammie Morgan showed up today?

(And yes,  Liz is flipping out.)


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fandom Friday: The Green Arrow / Oliver Queen

The 15 Best 'Arrow' Memes on the Internet Right Now - The Moviefone ...Yes. Please. Can't anyone see?

Not the Actual words, but close enough...

... this meme. | Arrow & The Flash | Pinterest | Arrows, I Will and Memes

Yes. Excuse me? You tried and FAILED!
... Arrow Funny | Flash & Arrow | Pinterest | Arrow Funny, Arrow Memes and

Ok. That's all I have time to post.


The Elections

The Elections happened here too.

The teachers and seniors all packed up and drove off to the polling place and voted.

You would think most of us would be for Hillary.

You are mistaken.

When you live a life of secrets, you understand how important those secrets are.

We at Gallagher were allowed to read the classified reports on Bengazi.

We understand how serious these emails are that Hillary was so careless with.

Solidiers died because of her.

Agents and Assets were compromised.
When agents are compromised, they can get caught and thrown in jail.
When assets get caught they are killed. Them and all their kin. 

People died and it's on her.

We don't like Trump either. 
But "Anyone but the Witch"


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fandom Fridays

So, I've decided to have Fandom Fridays!
These will most likely be once a month.

hey, don't look at me like that. I have a TON of classes, ok?!

Not to mention the undercover specialized training thingy Lily talked me into. It's extra credit.

I have to apprentice under someone at our school for a semester. So I've been working with the school chef.
He swears he'll never give up his creme brulee recipe, but I will break him,

Also!!! I changed the look of the blog! This will (Hopefully) make it easier to read.

Got to go