Saturday, May 27, 2017



Hey guys, I see Lily went ahead and hacked in to tell you what was up.

There was the cliff and Alex, like the idiot he is, slipped over it. I grabbed his hand and was mostly holding him up. But then the log I was bracing my foot against slipped and we both went over.

Luckily, the cliff was a pretty small cliff.

Unluckily, there was a steep hill at the top.
And we rolled a good deal before we finally stopped.

And I sprained my ankle on the way down and so when I went to get up at the bottom of the hill, I blacked out from the unexpected pain.

Anyway, I guess Alex doesn't have a lot of experience in wilderness survival, because he just sat there. Probably would have been better to wake me back up somehow or if he tried and couldn't get me up, then he should have hiked back up to the cliff and gotten the attention of the group.

But he didn't.

By the time I came around, it was getting dark.

The hill would have been hard and I couldn't have got up the cliff at the end if I wanted to so we decided to start moving in the other direction,

Thanks to all Dad's training, I'd remembered to look at the maps before we came.

(We were supposed to be left, but we thought it was another one of Mr. Solomon's end of the year tests, so we thought that we were supposed to find our way back.)

So, more or less, I made a wrap for my foot, grabbed a stick and we started hoofing it toward diagonally across the woods toward the nearest town.

We traveled until it was too dark to see, made a little shelter off to one side )By made, I mean Alex carried sticks and I pointed. Ok, not really. He found material and I wove it into a small lean to.) and slept.

Got up, found food and water. Filled out canteens.  Moved out again.

We made it up onto the road and started walking  for the  town

Once we we're up on the road, walking was a little easier because the ground was flat. I also took a pain killer from my mini first aid kit and Alex was lending a hand. At first I didn't want to accept any help, but my foot,,,,ow.

We made it into town in the late afternoon and cleaned ourselves up a little bit. (We didn't want to attract too much attention to ourselves and therefore our schools)

Dad is always telling my brother and me that we need to make sure we carry money in our survival kits and I made a mini survival kit that I can keep in my pocket which, luckily had enough money to buy us lunch and rent one room in the local motel.

We hung around the dinner for the evening, eating our sandwich and drinking coffee. (They had free coffee refills)

Then we went by the motel and ummmm....we're too fairly young people.....getting ONE room.  (it was either two rooms and no food, or food and one room)

Luckily, we both look pretty mature, so we told the lady at the desk that we were married. (I know. The married couple is SO cliche, but we din't have a lot of time to think of another cover story ok?)

Anyway, the lady must have been pretty bored, because instead of just giving us a key and letting us go, she  started walking us to our room.

And I was pretending that my foot was fine, which is physically and mentally exhausting....and it HURTS.

I must have winced or something because Alex turned and tried to ask me if I was ok.
I said my foot hurt and I was just going to lean on his shoulder (that's something couples do, right?) but Alex just turned and picked me up, bridal style and started walking faster to catch up with the lady.

So we walked past her, opened the door, and went in. The Alex set me down and latched the door and...well, my foot was in a lot of pain and it was kind of swollen and he kind of set me down really fast....well.....I passed out from the pain.

I said I was fine, and asked him was time it was. Only a couple minutes had passed, which was good. I sat up (which hurt) and looked around the room for a phone. Alex saw me look and asked what I was looking for.
He said he'd already looked. There was no room phone, but there was a phone down in the lobby.

So then Alex took one of the spare blankets and half the pillows, made a bed on the couch (a couch, but not phone?) and we went to sleep.

We woke up, I called Gallagher and we ate our complimentary breakfast. By the time we were done...Joe Solomon and Grant were there and we went home.

Then they bundled me up to the nurse who set my foot,(turns out, it was broken.) and told me to stay in bed the next couple days. (I was also a little dehydrated and I hadn't eaten well the last couple days...)

Anyway, so I was in bed for a couple days. 
I started to get up and about with the use of crutches to go to class. 
I had to sit out P&E :(  but I started back into everything else, getting ready for finals. 

Because of my broken foot, I wasn't allowed to go to the end of year ball. Mr. Solomon said something like I'd already proved myself with covers and blah blah blah. 

(Alex got to go.) 

Anyway, he showed up in the hospital room all the time to talk to me while I was in there and we were friends again after. 

And guess what. 

When they left.....

I had a boyfriend. 



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