Monday, February 27, 2017

Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

Just when I thought this semester couldn't get any worst....

I have a new roommate.


She is the daughter of a rich business man who also happens to work for the CIA. Something came up, I don't know what and she is going to be staying here for the rest of the semester. Nobody knows if she'll be coming back after that.

She is our age. I don't know if she'll be be in our classes or anything.

I literally just know that I walked into my room after a run in the woods and saw a new bed with a strange girl sitting on it. She had her earbuds in and was working hard at ignoring everyone. From the annoyed expression of Jess's face, Jess was trying to make friends. The girl looked up at me, no doubt wondering whether I was going to be overly friendly. But I'm having my own problems right now, so I just nodded to her and walked to my bed.

Jess huffed after a second and left the room. This should be fun.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Are You British?

I got a lovely email from one of my readers.

They wanted to know if I was British....

Sort of?

You see, Mum was British. She worked with MI6 and met my dad on a CIA/MI6 project. They got married, moved here and had me and my brother. (Mum usually uses her flawless american accent to blend in, so my brother and I have american accents)
Mum's parents live in England still and so does most of her family. We go back every three years.

Because Gram lives far away, she like to send goodies and stuff and Skype with us whenever she can. Because she is always sending me British junk food I may or may not have gotten addicted to Maltesers, the British form of Milk Duds (expect the maltesers taste good), Crunchie bars and Vimto flavored anything. Also tea. And scone. I love, love, love scones.

Sadly, it can be really hard to find any British candy in american stores. *Sigh*
I have seen maltesers at Kroger and you can order anything of amazon, but still. Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to pick up a package of vimto bon bons from the gas station?

Image result for maltsters chocolate
Image result for crunchie bar

Image result for vimto can

Image result for vimto candy

Related image

Image result for Simpkins british travel candy

Blackcurrant is a REALLY big flavor in the UK. It's the cherry flavor of England.

I meant to just find you some pictures, but now I'm working on trying not to drool on my bedspread. If you see these somewhere, buy them, eat them and send me an email!

Have you tried any other British Candy that I haven't mentioned?
If so, let me know in the comments!


Friday, February 24, 2017

Madame D's Surprise.

A tea party.

Of course.

We split into two groups, half pretended to be servants half pretended to be gentry. And then we switched. Of course we all had cover stories.

I was a servant for the first round. Jess was gentry. Alex was "gentry" too.
I tried to tell D'aja to go around a serve Alex's side of the table, but she didn't see me and went around the other way.


So I went around the table, pouring tea and smiling.
"More tea?" I asked Alex politely.
"Yes, please."
I leaned over him and started pouring.
"You're smiling." he said
"Do you like me again?"
"No. I'm acting." I said and turned to leave.
"That's not your fake smile."
I turned back. "Maybe that was my real smile. Maybe this is my fake smile. Maybe it was all an act. Maybe you don't know me as well as you think. I sure as hell don't know you as well as I thought."

And I left.

He kept trying to catch my eye, but I ignored him.

Round Two:
Alex made sure he was serving my side of the table. How un-clandestine. I thought. When he came around he whispered " Kat. Please, I...."
"Just pour the tea and get away from me." I growled.
"I ...." he started again.
I discretely spilled my tea cup. Golden brown liquid soaked into the white table cloth and spilled onto my school uniform. I whipped at it with a napkin.
"Oh! You clumsy fool!" I screeched at him. D'aja, who was playing hostess told Alex to leave. He shot me a look, trying to read my expression. I looked away, toward the boy on my left. In the reflection of my spoon, I could see Alex watching me  from his place along the wall.

I think I made my point


Thursday, February 23, 2017


Nothing much going on to day. 

Here's a little update: 

Average day up ahead, 

I have my Polish-English translations due, a project involving rappelling cord and earbuds needs to be tested with Jess.and  Madame D has hinted about something special today. 

I'm still not talking in Alex. Most of the girls here ave forgiven them, but I don't trust people easily. It takes a lot to get me to open up. 

And when people break that trust.....

33 Of The Funniest Quotes On The Internet:


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

MORE about me

I'm sorry. I haven't been reading my emails the last couple days. So here are a couple About Me questions I missed.

Favorite Character on the Flash?
 (Oliver Queen. IDK) Barry?
How Many States Have You Traveled through?
Mostly Midwestern states. That's around where I live. I've been to Virginia, obviously. and a couple of the surrounding east coast states on various field trips. Also Texas.
How Big is the Sophomore Class?
There are 18 girls. Seven of which are on the R&D Track. The remaining 11 are in Cov-Ops Track
Favorite Animal ?
CATS! I bloody love cats. If not cats, then wolves.

Sound of Music ?
The new one or the old one? I've only seen the old one....


Guest Post: Lily's About Me

HEEEY! My name is Lily Peterson and I am Kat's awesome roomie!
To be honest, it's kind of fun going back and reading what Kat was up to. I also think she kind of regrets it. Well, too late to turn back now!

Favorite Color?
Orangy-Red or Pink
Favorite Book (Fiction)? 
I don't know one of the Harry Potter books maybe...
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream? 
Least Favorite Color? 
Neon Green. Just YUCK!
Have You Ever Been Kissed?
Have You Ever Taken A Quiz On What Poptart Flavor You Are? 
Yep. I'm a Strawberry

Nope. I do tend to get hay fever pretty bad....
Favorite Kind Of  Tea? 
Tea? Oh, I don't know....sweet tea?
I LUV makeup!
Favorite Season?
Movies or Music?
Favorite Movie? 
Probably something disney...Tangled or Frozen. Possibly Lion King.
Favorite Song?
Favorite TV Show?
OUAT!!!! (HOOK!) 😍
Favorite Candy?
Something sour...Sour skittles?
Natural Hair Color?
Dark Brown. Almost black
Nope. I'm an only child.
Favorite Store
Favorite Sport (To watch) 
Sports? I don't know. I'm not really into sports...Ice Skating or something like that maybe.
Listening to music, designing cover stories and gathering gear to fit cover stories, making gadgets, hacking stuff,
Ketchup V BBQ Sauce 


Monday, February 20, 2017

Guest Post: Jess's About Me

Hi. My name is Jessica Hawn and I am on the Cov-Ops track. I am Kat's roommate (which I'm sure you already know)

Favorite Color?
Royal Blue
Favorite Book (Fiction)? 
The Lord of the Rings
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream? 
Least Favorite Color? 
Have You Ever Been Kissed?
I don't kiss and tell (so yes)
Have You Ever Taken A Quiz On What Poptart Flavor You Are? 
Kat made me take one for this post. I got chocolate chip

I have a mild sensitivity to gluten and soy...
Favorite Kind Of  Tea? 
I didn't really drink a lot of tea before I met Kat, but I think I like peach flavored black tea. Or something from Teavanna (Which Kat doesn't like. She tried their Earl Grey and found it gross, so now she doesn't trust them....)

I don't really wear a lot of makeup....

Favorite Season?
Movies or Music?
Favorite Movie? 
A classic like the Quiet Man or Princess Bride
Favorite Song?
Taylor Swift's "Love Story"
Favorite TV Show?
OUAT! I love fairy tale retelling
Favorite Candy?
Chocolate bars of some sort. It changes, but right now I like Almond Joys
Natural Hair Color?
Light blondy brown
Yes. I have two older brothers and a younger sister.
Favorite Store
Kohls? IDK
Favorite Sport (To watch) 
Dressage or Show Jumping. I'm a crazy horse nut so...
Horse back riding, reading, running, writing, etc
Ketchup V BBQ Sauce 
Ketchup all the way


Saturday, February 18, 2017

All About Me: February


What is your favorite color?
Dark forest-y green. Purples are nice, but only if it is a really deep rich color. Dittos with blue.

Favorite Book (Fiction)? 
I can't decided. Why ask such a hard question! I promise if I can think of one, I'll do a special post on it. 'K?

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream? 

Least Favorite Color? 
Orange. Yellow.

Have You Ever Been Kissed? 

Have You Ever Taken An Online Quiz on What Type of Poptart You Are? 
Yes I have. Blueberry.


Favorite Kind Of  Tea? 
Earl Grey all the way
I just do the bare minimum. Mascara and a simple eyeliner. Also lip balm. If I want to be interesting I might put on a slight eye shadow and maybe some nude lipstick. My fancy/Crazy look =winged eye liner and scarlet lipstick.

Favorite Season?
Fall. Fashion boots, scarves, cute jackets, crisp leaves and all the flavors of fall!
Movies or Music?
I don't really listen to a lot of music, so movies.
Favorite Movie? 
Man from UNCLE
Favorite Song?
Perfect Storm
Favorite TV Show?
Agents of SHIELD
Favorite Candy?
Snickers. The perfect thing to carry for wilderness survival!
Natural Hair Color?
Light brown. And I haven't dyed to or anything, so that is the color I have now.
One older brother. His in the Marines
Favorite Store
Favorite Sport (To watch) 
Gymnastics. So cool.
Wilderness Survival, Running, Kick Boxing, Acting, Drinking Tea,
Ketchup V BBQ Sauce 


Friday, February 17, 2017

Here's what I've Learned:

  • The exercise was planned by Blackthorne Boys, with the permission of Joe Solomon. They wanted to practice their kidnapping skills, basically plus how to interrogate people based of what you know about them.
  • It was only the Sophomores. 
  • The boys planned most of it and decided to have it on Valentine's despite Joe and Grants suggestions to move it to a different day
  • Still not talking to Alex, who seems to have recovered from his back pain from being flipped into a wall. He keeps trying to talk to me. But guess what? I don't care anymore!
  • Four Sophomores Blackthorne boys were hospitalized with minor injures from P&E, and two from the Freshman year class. 
  • All the girls seem pretty mad and some of the older boys glare at the sophomores every once and awhile. '

That aside, it was still an ok training session. It was pretty realistic, though it's normally longer. There was all the mental interrogation. It was kind of interesting.

You know, now that I know that it wasn't a group trying to kidnap us, and learn the secrets of our sisterhood!

(Still mad at Alex)


Fandom Friday: Green Arrow

15 Funny CW Arrow Jokes And Memes Only True Fans Will Understand ...

That's right. More Arrow memes.

Had an unintentional Stephen Amell fangirl day when I wore Charity’s ...


Ok, that's it.
Have a lovely Friday.

(I'm still not talking to Alex)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Too Mad To Think Of A Clever Title


  • My hand hurts (The whole dislocation thing...) 
  • It was only the Sophomores (But every single girl at the school is pretty mad) 
  • I'm still mad at Alex (and basically every male in the building)
  • The guy I bit was a Blackthorne Alumni. 
  • My split lip was from the fight. It was split open again during interrogation because one of the guys hit me. Granted, I provoked him (I said something that wasn't very nice in Farsi) He is actually the only person I'm not extremely mad at. He showed up afterwards and looked so said, and brought me a box of chocolates. (I'm not saying I can be bribed with chocolate...but yeah.) He said we all did a really good job. 
  • The way I wrote about it made it sound very unprofessional. I took out large gaps. Like the beginning. In the whole reading thing, there was all the try and be your friend etc. The way I wrote it make it look very sloppy. 
  • Chef Louis totally made us all special cakes. He was also outraged that they would do this to us! And on Valentine's Day! We tried to explain it was still a pretty good plan, because we were all relaxed and everything. It was funny trying to calm him down while we were all made too. Anyway, we got lots of cake. 
  • Most of the girls have recovered and are looking forward to venting at P&E on Blackthorne Boys. 

On a happier note: I will be posting my "About Me" Post next week.
To make it fun, my roommates will also be doing a guest post sometime this week or next. So, my roommates will also be answering a "About Me" Post. I think I'll just have them both answer the questions on my "About Me." Maybe in a different text color....I saw a blog do that earlier,

When you email in my questions, let me know which one you would prefer. Should Jess and Lily get their own "About Me" post this week or no?


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


VALENTINES DAY PART II is very short and not very detailed as I am not allowed to blog about some of the things that happened.


(I'm still mad)

Valentines Day Part Two

I woke up tied to a chair in a strange room. The wall and the floor were stainless steel. At the end of the room was a desk. Also stainless steel. And the door.

Seriously, how un-original.

There was an old TV on the ceiling in one corner, over the door.
I tried to look behind me and felt a throbbing pain in my neck and head. I started to try breaking free and the door knob rattled. It was shoved open by a man dressed in all black. He had slight teeth marks and a bruise on his arm, and his sleeves almost covered it. I remembered biting someone as I went down.

I smiled. He turned and I merged my smile into a snarl.

He sat down and smiled at me.

"Now Katherine. Why don't you tell me about yourself."

I didn't say anything. I just raised an eyebrow.

The man started reading from a file.

"Katherine Edgeworth, Student of Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. Age 16. Date of Birth October 18. Parents: Arthur and Margret Edgeworth. Currently on mission in Argentina.

"Argentina?" I thought. "Sounds Warm there." But I kept up my blank face.

He continued to read he file. Half way through he stopped.
He paused and opened his mouth. "Keep going."  I said. "Your getting to my favorite part."

The man glared at me.
"We know all about you. We know your worst fears, and which people are closest to you. We know how to make you suffer."

"That file seriously needs to be updated." I laughed. Then my face darkened. "Do your worst."

"Fine." The man said curtly and snapped his fingers. He walked out of the room and the interrogation began.

I won't describe what happened, because it's not nice, and some of it is classified.

Eventually, they left me tied to the chair and walked out.

"What. Is that it?" I thought

The man walked back in. Blood trickled down my split lip.

"I hope your ready to co operate?" He asked
I spat blood into his face.

"Alright." He growled. He pulled out a remote and pointed it toward the screen. It flickered to light.

The screen showed Alex. He was tied to a chair. He is head sagged. Someone off screen threw a bucket off water on him.

Grace sat tied to a chair, trying to pull up her feet as spider flooded the room. He worst fear. Alice lay  on the floor, her hair spilling out like sleeping beauty.

I held very still, but I'm afraid he could see the anger in my eyes.

"And we haven't even started on your little friend. How long do you think Lily will do? She's on the Research and Development Track? She's didn't get as much interrogation training, did she? I wonder how long it takes until that pretty smile cracks. How long it takes to break her?"

I snapped.

I dislocated my thumbs and pulled my hands out of the cuffs. I snapped them back as I moved across the room. I attacked him. He was an older operative, but I was a Gallagher girl . I had a purpose, and I was filled with rage. And he was alone. I choked him out, my thumbs crying in pain, but I didn't stop until he slumped to the floor. I raced out the door, expecting to see long hall ways of stainless steel. Guards. I didn't expect to see my own halls. I was back in my own school.

Grant came down the hallway.
"Hey Katherine." He said cheerfully. I sprang on him and shoved him against the wall.
"Where are they?" I asked
"The who?" he said trying to lean back. I put all my weight on him and dug my nails into his skin. I had him in a ---------------- position. He wasn't breaking free in a hurry. Joe came hurrying down the hall
"Kat. Let him go." 
"Your with them." I asked, pushing Grant away. He gasped for breath. 

"It was just a training exercise." He said in his calming voice. 


Then I turned and fled down the hall.

I walked into the library and saw the other Sophomore sitting around. Grace was shaking. Alex was raising a wet paper towel to his cut lip. Probably hurt like hell.Mind does.

But then he wiped it off. It was just makeup.
He smiled at me. "Pretty good acting eh?"

He held out a paper towel.

"Makeup wipe."
"No thanks." Apparently he is very stupid. He doesn't realize how mad I am?
"Do you WANT to go around looking like you have a split lip."
"I DO have a spilt lip." I growled. "I"M not acting. Unlike you. How much is real? Has it all been just a giant act?"

Then I turned my back and him and went over to the couch with Grace. I put my arms around her. "You'll be fine." I said.  "It was just a training exercise. They didn't get anything from me either. So we showed them. You were very brave. I don't think even Annabeth could have handled that many spiders. But you did great" She looked up at me and smiled. She held out her fist.
"Warriors." She said
"Warriors. Now why don't we go down to the kitchen? I bet Chef Louis would make us just about anything we wanted."
Now she was really smiling.
"I'll get the other girls."
"They did it to everybody?"
I guess I should have know, but it still surprised me. She nodded and got up. Alex showed up behind me.

"They weren't supposed to hurt you."
"Gee thanks. Did this go only for me? Or were you guys not allowed to traumatize any of my other sisters either?"

I started walking.
"Kat." He said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

You know how when you Judo Flip someone, they land on the floor in front of you? Turns out, you can also judo flip them into a wall. I left Alex laying there and walked on.

I could really use a cup of tea and a scone.


Valentine's Day Part One

I am so bloody upset right now.
Wanna hear how my Valentine's Day went?

We all gathered in the lounge. The decorations were amazing. The hot chocolate bar was a big hit, as were all the strawberry heart shaped tarts I made. So we'd all settled down and were watching TV.
All the girls wrapped in fuzzy blankets and got in a pile like kittens. The boys came in as we were finishing Miss Congeniality. They sat on the couch and the floor,(though they didn't all pile together) and actually watch North and South with us.
Obviously, not ALL the boys came.
Some had dates today and some were on a hike in the woods.

We had just started Revenge of the Bridesmaids when a just about everyone fell asleep. Not the cute doze off sort of thing.

The drugged sort of sleep.

Then men dressed in tactical gear walked into the room.

It was only me and Patty. She back up and stood back to back with me. The girls around me were sluggishly moving, They saw the threat but could do nothing about it.

I don't think anyone had their weapons. Patty is the dart expert, but all she had were here aluminum knitting needles. And we both knew, from past experience, you need solid needles to fight. The aluminum ones just bend.

"Hot chocolate bar?" she asked

And we began warily walking towards it, keeping an eye on the strangers who were slowly fanning out.

Patty grabbed a handful of skewers from the platter. I picked up a knife that I had brought to cut fruit.

A man moved slowly away from the little group. When he deemed himself close enough, he lunged. Patty and I grabbed the pot of hot chocolate and threw it as one. He went down under a wave of partially warm hot chocolate and a heavy pan. As he lay stunned, Patty darted forward and stabbed him rapidly in the back. She is a master of acupuncture and pressure points as well as dart throwing. The man lay there, temporarily paralyzed. And unless they had someone who knew which point counteracted it,,,it was going to be out for awhile.

Another man walked forward. He jerked his head toward a buddy and they advanced together. I flung myself onto one, flipping him to the ground. Patty held off the other until I was ready. Then she turned, quickly poking him in the back. It seemed to work through the vests, which was good.

As soon as she had turned, I jumped on the man she had been holding off. I swung around onto his back and choked him out. He fell to the floor.

Then they all began advancing at once. Patty and I stood back to back and tried to hold them off. We were doing pretty well, but I could feel myself wearing down. I saw out of the corner of my eye one of the men raising a gun and pointing it at Patty. I tried to scream a warning but it was lost in my throat.
She was hit with a little dart and went down. I had a second to think

"Thank God it's a tranq. dart." as I went down, kicking and screaming under the attack of all the remaining people.

I felt my kicks getting weaker and the tips of my finger went numb. Then the world faded into black.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines Prep

Sorry I didn't post today. Stayed up way to late decorating.
 Soooooo excited for tomorrow!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Quotes: Sunday 2/12/17


(Isn't that what Peter Pan said...did I just quote something without meaning to? Help me out Peter Pan fans)

  • Thigh gaps are for flamingos. Eat the cupcake. 
  • He's like a song she can't get out of her head
  • When people ask why I don't care: It's not an act
  • If a man whistles at you, do not respond. You are a lady, not a dog. 
  • I like sarcasm. It's like punching people in the face...but with words.
  • I don't hate you. I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence



So get out there. Make some people smile.


Friday, February 10, 2017

More Hunger Games

Image result for Katniss and Prim daughters of apollo

Aphrodite? Hmmm. Who is in charge of baking?

Related image

Image result for Katniss and Prim daughters of apollo


Fandom Friday! May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

This weeks fandom is THE HUNGER GAMES!

By the way, I am hooked on "How It Should Have Ended" Their video on The Hunger Games is amazing.


Have you seen this?
Image result for Katniss and Prim daughters of apollo

Well, I was thinking, the last time a god had TWO kids with a mortal (Thalia and Jason) they went through a lot. I mean, for them, it was Hera's fault. But what if it is really the Fates or something? And Hera was just the tool the Fates used?

What if that is why Prim's name was drawn?


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day Chick Flicks

There are a few students who are actually couples. Mostly in the older grades....

The Sophomores are having a Movie Marathon. Chick Flicks!
I have not seen all of these before so a little * means I have seen it before. K?
And ** means I want to watch it.

  • Princess Diaries * (I and II) 
  • Bridesmaids *
  • Miss Congeniality * (I and II) 
  • Bride Wars **
  • Legally Blonde
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 days **
  • 27 Dresses
  • Gone with the Wild
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's 
  • 13 going on 30 **
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • Revenge of the Bridesmaids*
  • Mean Girls **
  • Tangled*
  • Heartbreakers (con women?) 
  • She's All That
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 
  • The proposal 
  • The Wedding Planner **
  • When In Rome
  • The Prince and Me
  • John Trucker Must Die 
  • How to Be Single 
  • Mr and Mrs Smith ** (Two assassins are married to each other and when they both go to kill the same guy they find out they are both assassins and are ordered to kill each other....) 
  • Duff **
  • North and South BBC *

OK. I haven't seen A LOT of these. Which one have you seen? Which ones do you like? Any suggestion?

(I need to watch more TV...) 


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Man From UNCLE

Just found this and had to share:

I bloody love Man from UNCLE!

Did you know they are making a second one!
Coming 2019!!!!!!!!!


Valentine's Day Plans

My plans for Valentines Day!

Almost every Gallagher Girl will assemble after lunch on the 14th (we have the day half off) and watch romance movies. It is a tradition we have carried on for years. Every year, the current Sophomore Class hosts. We decorate the whole lounge and we get to pick the movies. We cycle through the Sophomore girls, in alphabetical order. When your turn comes, you choose the next movie! Fun, right.

Normally we have 99% of the girls, plus some of the teachers. The headmistress used to come, I'm told, but then she got married. We decided to continue this tradition even though the boys were here. Quite a few of the girls have dates. The headmistress agreed to give them passes to town for dinner, and most of the girls accepted. A few of the girls though said NO and told their boyfriend (who gets a boyfriend in two months?) that they would be staying at the academy.

Jess hasn't said what she wants to do. So I'm not sure if Jess and David are going into town or if she is going to stay.

I am also not sure what the other boys are going to do. Will they join us? Go do their own guy thing? What?

I'll keep you updated.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lily and Pitt

A lot of the Guy-Girl pairings (as guides I mean) have really hit it off (Me and Alex, Jess and David, Tansy and Lance, etc)

But not all.

I'm talking about Lily and Pitt.

Pitt is king of cute, I guess. But he is also really annoying and arrogant. Or at least that's what Lily says. Also that he's a show off, brags, etc.

Ummmm. He IS a teenage boy...

Besides Lily is kind of a wild and free type of girl. She doesn't have time for "that crap"
She needs her musicals, her cover designs, her TV shows and music.

And he wont leave her alone. She is pretty sure he has a crush on her and she is trying to devise ways to "bump him off"

NOT LITERALLY! (Though she totally could)

I mean to "lose" him

(MOST do not involve losing him. That one that involves sticking unconscious him on a plane to Arizona. Or the one that involves leaving him in the woods....locking him in a closet.... Ok. Some of them involve losing him somewhere.)

(She is plotting on the other side of our bedroom right now.)


Sunday, February 5, 2017


Some motivational quotes for you:

"Broken crayons still color!"

"Be badass."

"Princess? No bitch. Queen "

"Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt"

"Better a OOPS then a WHAT IF "

And the best one for runners:

"I run because I can

When I get tired, I remember those who can't run
What they would give to have what I have 
The simple gift I take for granted,
And I run harder for them

I know they would do the same for  me. "


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Awkward and Awesome: Assorted Stuff


  • Empty snack boxes. I have been betrayed! 
  • When your family is gone and you miss them, but you can't talk about it because you'll break down and cry
  • When your nails are perfect and they are almost dry and then YOU TOUCH SOMETHING
  • Even though your cover story is a snobby rich girl, you have no money
  • When you use your roomies shampoo and don't tell them...
    "Why is your hair so sleek and shinny today, Kat?"                                                                       "I have NO idea! Maybe its the weather? Or the new pillowcases?" (Lies.) 
  • When people think your name is Cat, *Meow*
  • When people see you cry


  • Waffles. With strawberries and whip cream. 
  • When you get into a flow while boxing or training
  • Acting. Cover stories. 
  • Yoga pants
  • Cats
  • Alec (Don't tell him I said that) 
  • My roomies
  • When your eyeliner is perfect... On BOTH eyes!
  • A warm mug of tea
  • Stretching 
  • Sun Beams 
  • Movie Marathons
  • New pony tail holders
  • Spy movies 
  • A new cute outfit 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Fandom Friday: Melinda May

     agents-of-shield-aftershocks-episode-melinda-may-580x871.jpgMelinda May! AHHH! Such a big fan of hers! Who else watches Agents of SHIELD? She is my favorite and....why is that one guy turned around? Is that Ward?


Thursday, February 2, 2017

1 Month

Tomorrow it will be one month since I met Alec.

So I am going to do a special post just about him:

Things I know about him:

  • His write his name Alex. With an X. I've been wrong all this time. Note: From now on his name will be written right, but I am not changing the label from Alec because that takes to long (Maybe some day....) 
  • He notices things. 
  • He is really sweet, but also kind of badass
  • He fights with a stick. But a really cool stick. Sometimes he splits it apart and fights with two short sticks! (Think Bobbie Morse. Except not in metal. And not electric. He should get one like hers....) 
  • He does not have green eyes. He had hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are the ones that seem to change between different colors (Like brown and green) Mine do this too. Mine tend to look dark green most of the time, but they change based on what color I have near my eyes (Aka: Shirt color)
  • He is on the Cov-Ops track. (In case the stick thingy didn't tip you off) 
  • As far as I know, he doesn't know how awesome he looks. Please stop combing your hair with your fingers. Are you trying to kill me?!?
  • We don't really spend that much time together....I mean, we both run in the mornings and are normally there at the same time, we have classes together, and he sits at the same table during meals (Because of his buddies Pitt and David) So yeah, I guess we spend some time together, but not really "together"... 
  • His last name is Hawkins. No, he isn't related to Steven Hawking. (Kat Hawkins...sounds nice.) 
  • He is pretty fit, even for a spy boy. 
  • He also likes the Cold War Era! YAY! Common interest! 
Things I don't know: 
  • Just about anything about his family
  • His birthday( It might be on his file....Maybe Lily will hack it?)
  • If he likes me or is just being nice because I'm crazy
  • What does he want to do. Secret Service? CIA? MI6? FBI? 
  • Where he lives. Like, not even what state. Does he even live in the USA? (He does have a pretty good British accent...what if it's not fake?!?) 
  • What his favorite color is, favorite food, internal emotional problems...all the things he knows about me.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Juicy Gossip

Now, to fill you in on all the juicy gossip at Gallagher Academy.


I was talking to Cammie, who is always down to talk to a Gallagher student. So we were walking and we saw Mr. Solomon, Grant, Jonas (The two Blackthorne Alumni who brought the boys) and Zack sitting together. Just then Alec (be still mine heart) walked by and Grant called him over. I heard Cammie comment to Liz (who we were talking to) "It looks like the 'I Had A Crush On A Gallagher Girl' Club"

And I thought she was talking about me and Alec, but then I saw Liz's face. She was blushing really REALLY hard. Then I remembered something from the books. How Liz and some guy (I think it was Jonas....Sorry. It's been awhile) liked each other.

Might I just say "Oh My Bloody Gosh"

Liz has a crush on Jonas?! Jonas had a crush on her? Shall old flames be rekindled? Ah!

While were on the topic of Gallagher/Blackthorne couples....

Tansy and Lance are SOOO cute together. I don't spend a lot of time with seniors, but obviously I see them at meal times and such. Plus I have advanced blade class with Tansy's group. I already knew the blade basics when I came, thanks to Mom.

Also, I ride to the airport with them. I'm trying to get my pilot's licence, so when the seniors go to practice jumping out of airplanes and stuff, I ride along.

Seniors spend the most time skydiving (They have to practice landing. That is the tricky part) and last time they went up, they had room for one more person in the plane (One of the girls was sick)

So I got to watch Tansy and Lance skydive together. They are so bloody cute. On the way up, Lance said "I've never kissed anyone when skydiving" and Tansy said "LETS!"

Since they jumped out before me, I had to (got to) watch them kiss....while flying through the air.

They are so cute.