Friday, March 31, 2017

Queen of the Kitchens

This morning, there was an announcement during breakfast.

Chef Louis mother is very sick and he is needs to go to France be with her.

Which means we will have no cook in the middle of school. Which means we need a new chef.

But guess what? There aren't that many chefs with a clearance high enough to even know about our school. And it will take forever to clear the ones with a clearance. Well, not forever. A couple weeks. We should have a chef by two weeks.

Luckily, a handful of the students have been trained in various kitchen jobs. And all the Blackthorne boys had to do KP duty* at some point. We're assigned to position based off skill level and grade.

Unluckily, I am both the oldest person and one of the better chefs. So guess what? I have to not only help, I have to run the bloody kitchens for two weeks. I have to design meal plans, give the orders, keep everything running smoothly and.....

You'd think someone else would have taken extra credit in the kitchens. Nope. There is not a single Junior or Senior who trained to run a kitchen. I mean, there are some who know how to wait tables in Bangladesh and they're all willing to help...but everything now rests on my shoulders.

I am queen of the kitchens.



*KP Duty is a military term. KP stands for Kitchen Patrol or Kitchen Police.

Monday, March 27, 2017

About Me: March 2017

I know, I know. I haven't posted in awhile. I'm sorry, ok?

In fact....

I would give you an official apology, but.....

Image result for official apology funny

And since I love all my wonderful apology.


Have You Ever Heard Of The Ranger's Apprentice?
Nope. Jess has a few of them...I'm considering reading them.
Have You Ever Played Ping Pong?
Yes. We got snowed in last year. Most epic ping pong war EVER!
Tennis Shoes or Boots?
For what? Though I'm going to say boots, 'cause FASHION BOOTS!
If You Were Going To Pick Another Weapon, What Would It Be? 
Some sort of sword or other blade...or maybe archery.
Favorite TV Show?
Green Arrow. Or maybe Agents of SHIELD...
Favorite Soda?
I feel like I've answered this before....deja vu anyone?
Favorite Book (Non-Fiction)
Spycraft. So well written.
Favorite Language? 
French is fun...but I LOVE my russian. I feel like a gypsy lady
Morning or Night?
Rainy or Sunny?
Rainy days are nice, but I love my sun beams.
What Do You Like For Breakfast? 
WAFFLES! (With strawberries and whip cream)
Eye Color? 
Hazel, but tends to be dark green (Hazel is the term for eyes that shift color, right?)


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nobody Even Sees Me

My parents still haven't called back in.
Nothing is certain yet. There is still hope they'll make it back to us.

If will I tell my brother?

All these students, trained to observe and to notice, can't see what I'm feeling.
What I'm going through.

But then again I suppose I've been trained to hide my feelings.

Cas knows. After we met each other, trying to hide out tears in one of the not so secret tunnels, we told each other our problems
My missing parents and her dead mother and her still grieving father.

Her mother, an excellent spy, died of cancer a few years ago. Her father has been trying to work though his grief by constantly working.
He's forgotten his daughter is grieving too.

Another person who notices is Alex.
It's just like last time.

Except there will never be a time like last time.
Last time,
He was just a boy. A boy who understood what I was going through. A boy that was there for me.

But then he betrayed me.
He broke my trust.

I can never trust him again.

And sometimes I have to remind myself of that. Sometimes I glance over at him and see him looking so concerned and worried, I have to remind myself to stay away.
I have to tell myself not to trust him.

Not again.

I don't need my heart broken again.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

A-Z of the Spy Wolrd

This is my 100th post. Hurrah for me. 

A- Alias
B-Black Ops
C-Coms, CIA and Cover
D-Dead Drops
F-Filling (The act of "filling" a dead drop)
G-Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women
H-Honey Trap
J-Joe (A deep cover agent)
L-Lies and Legends
Q-QRF (Quick Reaction Force)
R-Research and Development
U-U-2 (a spy plane)
W-Walk In
X-X-Rays (Used by some people to pick locks)
Y- ?


Last Night...

Last night, I felt the tears coming and I stood up and stole out of our room.
Not that there was any real reason to. Lily stayed up way to last night, working on her project and is out cold on her bed. I have no idea where Cas is. Jess is probably following David around somewhere. I stole down to a secret passage. Most of the secret passages are common knowledge. Every one knows about them. Well, maybe the boys don't, but I don't know that.

But nobody hangs out in them. Because they are dark, and filled with spiders and sometimes mice. And where there are mice, there is poop.

Anyway, if you follow this passage a little longer, it ends up off the kitchen, which makes it a little warmer. It also smells like cookies sometimes. There even a tiny window.

But nobody comes in, because at the entrance, there is a million spider webs and more poop then usual.

Which is because every time I sweep it out, that's where I put the poop. And I weave though the spider webs so they aren't disturbed.

But today the passage wasn't empty. I saw Cas sitting on a blanker at the end of the tunnel, her knees bent, cradling a picture in front of her.

"Oh hey." She said looking up. I was surprised to see her eyes were full of tears.

And we just sat there a few minutes, looking all weepy.

"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, moving over. I nodded and sat down.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Every thing is a mess.

I'm worried about my parents. They don't normally go on missions. What if they were compromised? What if they're out of practice? Why didn't they call in?

Nobody notices. Lily is busy with some project or other that see is working on with the twins and I barely even see her. Jess is filling her time clinging to David or glaring at the new girl.
She isn't even really a new girl anyway. She's been here two weeks.

Oddly, she's one of the few people who knows. Well, I don't think she knows about my parents. I mean, she is one of the few people who notices that something is wrong. She just glances up with those deep green eyes of hers like she's seen all the pain in the world.

Everyone else is a adult. They just give me those sympathetic glances when they walk by.

The other student who knows is Alex. He just looks at me with those bloody concerned eyes. But he stays away. Ever since the gym, he's kept his distance.

I not still mad at him. I avoid him because I'm so ....emotionally conflicted right now. About him. About my parents.

I just....

I need time to think.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

They Can't Be

Hey guys,

Just letting you know my parents missed a call in yesterday.

And they missed the call in before that.

I hope they're ok.

They can't be hurt.

They just can't


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Break Update

Hey my beloved readers!

Quick Update!

Last week was midterms (bleh)

This week is  SPRING BREAK! *angelic singing*

I will be posting another blog post soon with more details about what I've been up to soon.


It is MARCH! Which means I'll be doing my monthly "About Me" soon. I think I'll post the second to last week of March, so you'll need to send me in your questions before the 20th.




Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bibliophile Tag!

This tag started on The Rebelling Muse, run by a gal named Catherine. I got tagged by a blogger friend of mine, Maria S. Well, actually, she tagged "Anyone who wants to" and that counts.                  (She also sent me an email asking me to look into it)

1. Share You Answers. Either comment on the original post, or make your own post (Link back to  Catherine's post!)
2. Share With Your Friends
3. Add a question (Please note. This was not one of the original rules. It was suggested by Maria S on her post. Catherine is ok with adding questions)

1. What Is Your Favorite Fantasy Novel?
I think I'm going to have to say Marissa Meyer's Heartless. I read about it on Maria's blog (she does book reviews) and even though she said not to, I read it. I have not recovered emotionally yet...
2. What Is Your Favorite Historic Novel? 
Its a book at Gallagher Academy. Sadly, a lot of the novel, (which was written by a spy and is mostly based off her real life) is classified.
3. What Is Your Favorite Contemporary Novel?
4. Which Character/Book Best Reflects Your Personality?
Sadie Kane. Sarcastic (mostly) British girl who loves cats.
5. Who Is Your Favorite Author?
Right now I can't decide between Rick Riordan, and Marissa Meyer...
6. Favorite Character Of All Time?
PERCY JACKSON!!! and ANNABETH!!! (They are no longer individual people on the internet anyway)
7. Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover?
Of course. Who doesn't?
8. Paper Books, Ebook, Or Both?
9. Have You Ever Read A Book You Didn't Like?
Who hasn't?
10. Favorite Book Villain?
LOKI. Ok. He's not really a book character...unless you count the Loki from Magnus Chase...
11. Book Cover You Loved?
Winter by Marissa Meyer. So pretty.
Related image
12. (My added question:) Top 8 Favorite Fictional Ships: 
1. Percabeth (duh)
2. Wolflet
3. Cresswell
4. Jinter
5. Caleo

Alright. Pass it on!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Broken Trust

This morning I did my run, and headed to the P&E Barn. I hadn't boxed in awhile, and I could let off some steam. There's the problem with Cas, and the tension in the dorm.

Anyway, so I started boxing. I was playing a fun little game where I listen to a song, and box until the song is over. Then I take a quick couple minute break and repeat. I was doing the second round when Alex walked in.

It is really easy to loose focus on your surroundings when your wearing earbuds, but I am a trained  spy you know, and situational awareness is something we work on constantly. But I kept my face natural, like I didn't even notice him. Hiding emotions in one of my specialties.

The gym was empty and he stepped up to a nearby heavy bag and started boxing. I could see him glanced over once and awhile, but I never turned his way. I didn't even say hi.

If I had wanted him to think that I was completely over it, I would have glanced over once when he walked in, then gone back to ignoring him.  

But I didn't. I gave him a cold shoulder. I totally and utterly shunned him. The only time I reacted to him at all was when he turned and said hi.

I didn't even look his way. I just picked up my phone and turned the volume up.
(sadly, listening to music is one of the few things I can do on my phone.)

I'm 95% certain he saw me turn it up. I saw him wilt a little in the reflection of my water bottle.


I kept ignoring him until the end of that round. Then I stopped and calmly started packing everything up. I kept my ear buds in the whole time. I finished by wrapping my earbuds around my phone.

Alex stopped and walked over.

"What?" I said, turning sharply on my heel and crossing my arms. "What could you possibly have to say to me?"

"I said I'm sorry. Why do you still hate me?" he asked

"First of all," I said, in an angry clipped voice "I don't hate you."
He looked a little relived and I went on. "I'm disappointed. In you, and in me. Why did I even trust you?"


"I trusted you." my voice broke a little here, but I was stronger when I said "That's a mistake I won't make again."

Then I turned on my heel and walked away.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Miss Balli"

Oh wow.

You would not believe what Lily just found.

The reason why Cas got kicked out of her old school is she "pranked" someone....

While, according to the article Lily found, "Miss Balli is known for her pranks, she took this one a little to far."

And yes. I know. Her name is Demos. So they school must have changed her name when the reporters showed up. Reporters tend to do that when they notice a boy tied up and hanging out the upper window of a boarding school.

And yes. That's what she did. I don't know why she did it...but that was diffidently her face smirking out the window. I wonder what he did to annoy her.


Maybe I can get her to do something to Alex....


Cas Demos

The girl is named Cassia Demos. Both of her parents were spies, but her mom died a few years ago. She used to go to a co-ed spy school out on the Pacific Coast. I don't know where. That would be classified. Lily has been trying to hack into the Gallagher Network to see if she could find anything about it, but I really don't even care.

The girl, who says she wants to be called Cas, looks like a female Percy Jackson. She has pitch black hair with beach waves, and blue green eyes. Lightly tanned, probably from all that time on the warm west coast. She has a slight dusting on freckles and a killed glare.

She is constantly wearing headphones and a tiny silver ring. She doesn't talk to a lot of people, but then again she's only been here a couple days, so let's cut her some slack, eh?

She's tested into our grade in almost everything. They don't teach Polish or Greek at her school, so she hast to take Polish with the freshmen. But guess what? She speaks Greek like a native. I wonder why?

*Gasp* Maybe she IS a demigod?