Monday, September 26, 2016

Where are They Now: Liz

Liz Sutton Gallagher Girl 1000+ ideas about gallagher girls on ...

Liz still lives at Gallagher Academy. She helps Dr. Fibs sometimes, but mostly, she travels around collecting books, to replace the precious books lost in fire.
But she also collects fiction books and popular movies, to put in the library.
She is one of my favorite teachers. Her and Abby.
She also runs errands into town for the school as well.Like last time she went into town, she was going to get books and some band-aids from the pharmacy. Yes, THAT pharmacy.
You know, you'd think, if Gallagher Academy holds the royalties for band0aids, you'd think we wouldn't have to run into town when we run out.
Of course, Headmistress Morgan always orders a ton ( and I'm only slightly exaggerating) of band-aids, but still.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

MelodySusie Dark Brown Curly Wig - Glamorous Women Long Curly Wig with Free Wig Cap and Wig Comb (Dark Brown) 

 To change your how you look, you have to change your skin. Anything and everything that make you YOU must go! You always have super short crazy hair? Go with really long hair in a natural color.
You would NEVER wear crazy hair? Or super short hair cuts? 
Bring on the hot pink pixie cut. (which might be harder is you have long hair)
Which is why I keep mine pretty short (not pixie length though. It's easier to shove it under a wig. ( I totally love this wig and these pilot glasses. Did I tell you I fly?)

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