Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bibliophile Tag!

This tag started on The Rebelling Muse, run by a gal named Catherine. I got tagged by a blogger friend of mine, Maria S. Well, actually, she tagged "Anyone who wants to" and that counts.                  (She also sent me an email asking me to look into it)

1. Share You Answers. Either comment on the original post, or make your own post (Link back to  Catherine's post!)
2. Share With Your Friends
3. Add a question (Please note. This was not one of the original rules. It was suggested by Maria S on her post. Catherine is ok with adding questions)

1. What Is Your Favorite Fantasy Novel?
I think I'm going to have to say Marissa Meyer's Heartless. I read about it on Maria's blog (she does book reviews) and even though she said not to, I read it. I have not recovered emotionally yet...
2. What Is Your Favorite Historic Novel? 
Its a book at Gallagher Academy. Sadly, a lot of the novel, (which was written by a spy and is mostly based off her real life) is classified.
3. What Is Your Favorite Contemporary Novel?
4. Which Character/Book Best Reflects Your Personality?
Sadie Kane. Sarcastic (mostly) British girl who loves cats.
5. Who Is Your Favorite Author?
Right now I can't decide between Rick Riordan, and Marissa Meyer...
6. Favorite Character Of All Time?
PERCY JACKSON!!! and ANNABETH!!! (They are no longer individual people on the internet anyway)
7. Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover?
Of course. Who doesn't?
8. Paper Books, Ebook, Or Both?
9. Have You Ever Read A Book You Didn't Like?
Who hasn't?
10. Favorite Book Villain?
LOKI. Ok. He's not really a book character...unless you count the Loki from Magnus Chase...
11. Book Cover You Loved?
Winter by Marissa Meyer. So pretty.
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12. (My added question:) Top 8 Favorite Fictional Ships: 
1. Percabeth (duh)
2. Wolflet
3. Cresswell
4. Jinter
5. Caleo

Alright. Pass it on!



  1. Thanks so much for replying to my tag! I didn't know that spies had time to read, lol!


    1. Now that the weather is warming up, there's less time to read, but we make it up over the winter when we're stuck in the mansion. :)