Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Start Over

The meeting was set for five o'clock in the afternoon, in the woods, by the stream (Yes. That stream.)
 4: 15, Operative Edgeworth arrived at site.
 4: 56, Operative  Hawkins arrived, sat down on the log on the north end of the clearing and waited
 5: 15, Operative Hawkins was seen to be a little on edge. A started pacing and looking at his watch.
 5: 30 Operatives, Demos, Peterson, and Hawn arrived at scene.
Operative Peterson asked what he was doing here and where the hell Operative Edgeworth was.
5: 01, due  to the heated attitude, Operative Edgeworth dismounted from her awesome hiding place in the nearby oak tree.
And scared the hell out of everyone.

--                                                                               ---                                                                         --

They all jumped when I appeared. Alex had just finished saying.
"Please. I just want to talk to her." 
So I said, "Why? What could you possible have to say to me."
"I...." He seemed a little at lost for words. "I...didn't know." 
I snorted. "Obviously."
"What am I supposed to say?"
"How about nothing?"
"If you didn't want to talk to me, why did you set up these meeting?"
"So you would leave me alone!"
I turned and glared at him.
"Can't we just start over?" he asked.
"Fine." I turned and walked to the other end of the clearing and started walking towards him. "You do remember I threw a book at your head?"
Then I turned and Lily said, "WHO ARE THEY???"
I smirked, remembering when Lily and Jess first saw Alex, in that cafeteria room so long ago. What they said before they walked over and sat at our table...
"Oh, yeah. I may have forgot to tell you that the Blackthorne boys are here."
"Katherine!" Jess said in a high pitched voice, mimicking her surprise and anger on that day.
"Ooooh,  who's the hottie?" Lily asked, glancing at Alex. He stood confused on the other end of the clearing.
"Looks like a real heart breaker." Jess commented.
"Oh no. Here they come." Lily whispered hurriedly.

"What?" Alex asked, starting to walk across the clearing. "What was that all about?"
Jess stepped in front of me. "That was, word for word, what we said when we first saw you."
Cas stepped up beside Jess. "Consider yourself started over."
"Kat..." Alex started, sounding a little annoyed. He stepped closer, but the girls closed around me in a ring and we walked out of the clearing without a backwards glance, leaving Alex behind.


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