Monday, April 10, 2017

Meeting Arranged

As soon as class was out last Tuesday, Alex must have gone to look at the security cameras from the class. We were all allowed to look at them, for training purposes, but not many people did (because it still makes all the girls mad.) I could tell he hadn't looked at them before, because he looked like he was still in the dark. He still didn't realize...

That afternoon, he came jogging up to where I was watching TV with Cas, Jess and Lily. They didn't know about out talk, but they did know that I didn't want to be around him, So I just kind of ignored him and let them chase him away.

And this went on for days. One of them was always near by and ready to chase him away. Cas would just step in front of him and say something cutting until he left. Jess would bluntly tell him to leave, and Lily (Which is kind of ironic.) glared at him with a look that said, "Just try and annoy my bestie. I have a new gadget that I want to try out. Hopefully it will make you scream and twitch on the floor." After a few days, he got the message and left me alone. Or at least, he stopped trying to talk to me.  Then he left me a message in my cookbook.

Please just hear me out.

I mulled it over for awhile and then, yesterday as I was passing him in the hall, I ran into him. Or he ran into me. I'm not sure which.

"Watch it!" I snapped.
And we were past each other.

In a few minutes, he would notice the note backpack. I'd agreed to meet him. Tuesday night.  (because we had a couple papers due that night and a movie marathon tonight.)

Let's hope nothing horrible happens.


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