Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What The Hell?

This morning, we were all standing around, waiting for breakfast to start (We were mainly talking about whether we thought the waffles I made would turn out soft and fluffy like Chef Louis's always did, or if they would be really gross). The meal started, we grabbed our food, and still chatting, sat at our usual table. 

And then Alex, David, and Pitt slid into seats at the table.

(What the hell?) 

Without looking the least bit uncomfortable, they just sat down, chatting about some video game thing or other. 

We were all sort of dumbfounded. Then Jess started talking to David and within a few seconds, Lily was bickering with Pitt. Cas rolled her eyes at me and put in her earbuds. Alex turned away from his discussion with David and Jess long enough to meet my glare with a insufferable smirk and say "We are starting over, aren't we?" 

Then. I kid you not, he twitched his eyebrow up, and with one eyebrow up and that....THAT....smirky half smile thing, he turned and went back to his discussion. 

I'll ask again.





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