Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dear Readers,


This is Lily.

Last week, we all went on a wilderness survival trip.

Kat and Alex were a team and on one of the drops, they went missing.
We don't know where they went, They were only supposed to go work on finding food and water in the nearby area.

When they didn't come back  that afternoon, we started searching.
They were are not in the area.

Since then, all the students were sent back to the Academy, and some of the alumni were called in to help. The staff are looking.

It had been three days since they disappeared.

Just thought you would like to know.
I'll keep you updated


  1. So....that explains why the long silence. Makes sense.


    1. Yeah....I'm not REALLY worried about Kat. She can take care of herself in the woods. And despite her hatred of Alex, I think she'll take care of him. She wouldn't leave anyone to die :)
      But I am kind of concerned about WHY she wasn't there...Was she kidnapped? Hurt? Attacked by a bear?
      And of course I'd be worried if she was two minutes late to breakfast...but still.